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A Closer Look at the All New 2014 Impala

July 28, 2014 Leave a comment

By: Michael Doan


The All New 2014 Chevrolet Impala with a complete redesign is something General Motors should have done a few years ago. With the outgoing model staying unchanged for the past 7 years its a much needed refresh for Chevrolet’s flagship sedan.


One of the reasons why this vehicle has lasted for so long is simply because of its value. For what you pay, arguably no one can match. This is especially true with the 2014. The Impala shares the same platform as the Lacrosse and XTS.


Compared to its rivals in this class, the Ford Taurus and Dodge Charger, the Impala undercuts them both in pricing while offering more in standard features. Over the competition, the Impala comes with standard hands-free Bluetooth connectivity, a Six-speed transmission, Heated mirrors and Rear-side impact and Knee airbags.

One way Chevrolet kept the Impala’s price in line is to offer a four-cylinder engine in the base-level LS. The 2.5-litre 4 cylinder comes with 195 horsepower, 187 lb.-ft. of torque but later this fall, the Impala will come with the electrically assisted eAssist 2.4-litre four (195 hp and 187 lb.-ft.), also found in the LaCrosse. If you do need a V6, a 305-hp and 264 lb.-ft. 3.5-litre unit is available in higher-end Impalas.

Inventory 1235

Fuel economy numbers for the 2.5-litre are 8.5 L/100 km in the city and 5.6 on the highway, while the V6 is rated at 11.1 and 6.9.

Unfortunately the Impala is not available with All-Wheel drive in any trim level.

As much as the Impala’s exterior is more interesting to look at, arguably the biggest improvements over the outgoing model is what you’ll find once you open one of its four doors. With a longer wheelbase than the outgoing Impala, front and rear legroom jumps up quite nicely. This is one of the few cars I’ve been in recently where I could comfortably spend some time in the back.

To say the design and use of quality materials in the new Impala is a step up from the last version is a huge understatement. Especially in the LTZ versions the Chevy’s cabin now competes with entry-level luxury sedans on presentation, features, look and feel.

Inventory 1236

Ultimately, the 2014 Chevrolet Impala is a good value. The Impala is a much more modern and sophisticated machine compared to its rivals, more on-par with import-brand competition like the Toyota Avalon and Volkswagen Passat. And I’m not sure why you’d pay more for a similarly equipped Buick LaCrosse or Cadillac XTS.

Inventory 1230

Now go take a look at the all New Impala in person, prepare to be surprised.

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Car Review: Sonic LT vs Cruze LT

July 16, 2014 Leave a comment

By: Michael Doan


When looking at both, the Cruze and Sonic, you wouldn’t expect such refinement and luxury in vehicles that cost less than $30,000. We took out both of these cars for the day and were surprised how peppy and fun-to-drive these vehicles are. With the Sonic having the the base 1.8L engine, it managed to keep up with the more powerful 1.4L Turbo found in the Cruze. The 1.8L has a rating of 138hp and 125lb-ft of torque, while the 1.4L Turbo has 138hp and 148lb-ft of torque.

IMG_8405 Sonic 1.8L Engine

IMG_8412 Cruze 1.4L Turbo Engine

Fuel economy numbers are a big selling factor for both these vehicles. The Sonic acheives 25mpg in the city and 35mpg on the highway, while the Cruze does a bit better being rated at 26mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway, due to the 1.4l Turbo engine.

Both the Cruze and Sonic have sufficient interior room and more than we were expecting. With myself being 6ft 4in and was more than pleased with the legroom and headroom in both. The Sonic has more of an upright seating position which I prefered over dropping down into the Cruze. That being said the Cruze has a better seating position and wouldn’t be so bad to go on a long road trip with. When taking a look at the entertainment that comes with these two, you will quickly learn that Chevy has upped their game. The standard system we had in the Sonic was more than adequate for most buyers but I found that the MyLink system in the Cruze was just that much better. The 7 inch touch screen was very easy to use and responded quickly.

IMG_8402 Sonic Interior

IMG_8410 Cruze Interior

The Sonic came decently equipped and has a sticker price of $22,060. Sonics start at $13,995 for a base LS model and can get up to $26,000 for an LTZ.

The Cruze we tested was nicely equipped and has a sticker price of $28,210. Cruzes start at $15,995 for a base LS model and can get up to $27,000 for an LTZ. Our tester came equipped with most options, including leather and the optional RS package which I think makes the car standout over the competition.IMG_8397

With Employee pricing and GM’s Student Bonus right now these vehicles can be had for thousands less and great vehicles for first time buyers.

Overall we really enjoyed these cars. What’s that old saying? It’s more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow, these little cars do just that.


2014 Chevrolet Sonic LT

2014 Chevrolet Cruze LT




5 Tips for Car Buyers

July 15, 2014 Leave a comment


When the time comes to lease or purchase your first car, the experience can be overwhelming. With so many options to choose from and matching your wants and needs to your budget, be prepared for a lot of research and careful consideration. These 5 tips should help you find the perfect vehicle.

  1. Determine your Budget – this will play into all other factors and is the best place to start. Make sure you are realistic upfront so you aren’t disappointed later.
  2. Decide what type of car you are looking for. Consider your lifestyle and driving habits. How important is fuel efficiency? Do you need extra cargo space or extra seating? Narrowing your options to one segment will make the process much faster and easier.
  3. Start your research. The internet is a great place to start, you can price out vehicles online, read reviews from current owners and automotive journalists, and see how your favourite cars compare to the competition.
  4. Test Drive. Once you have narrowed your options, get out and drive a few different vehicles for a hands-on comparison. You’ll get a feel for how it handles and chance listen and look for any issues.
  5. Settle on a price. Negotiate with the seller for a price that satisfies both of you. You want a fair price that takes into account the vehicles current condition.

student bonus

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4 Things to check before you hit the road.

June 27, 2014 Leave a comment




Summer road trips are fun for the whole family, but nothing can bring your road trip to a screeching stop like car trouble.

Here are 4 things to check before you hit the road!

1. Check for rot! – Salt is used on the roads during the winter and can cause rust on the underside of your car. Specifically you need to check that there is no ware in your radiator. A sudden hole in your radiator can leave you stranded roadside. You should also check to see that all belts and hoses are secured and in place.

2. Check your A/C – Check that your air conditioner is working before you leave. This isn’t something you want to go on you while you’re stuck on a long highway and it’s 30C outside!

3. Check your fluids – A hot engine needs the additional lubrication. Depending on how long you will driving for, you may want to check with our service department about a higher viscosity oil. Oil with a lower viscosity will thin out quicker in the heat leaving you at risk. You may also want the technician to check your transmission fluid while he’s at it.

4. Check your tires – Simple tasks like checking your tire pressure and tire tread wear can save not only gas, but your life. Hot roads in the summer time can increase your tire pressure lowering your gas mileage and making stopping harder.

If you are unsure about any of these points, book an appointment with our service department and we’d be happy to help.

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What You Should Know Before Buying a Car Seat or Booster Seat

June 26, 2014 Leave a comment

81% of child car seats are used incorrectly. Learn how choosing the right child car seat is crucial to reducing the risk of preventable injuries.

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Employee Pricing at Highland GM

June 12, 2014 Leave a comment

This Month at Highland, you pay what we pay on all new 2014 Chevrolet, Buick and GMC Models (excluding Corvette).

Call or Click for details | 905-727-9444 |

Employee Pricing at Highland GM

June 10, 2014 Leave a comment

Balbir is an Engineering Specialist who helped invent a device that made the 2014 Equinox even safer. And now during Employee Pricing at Highland Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, you pay what he pays.


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